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Vibresonate Wellness HUB. An all inclusive app where you can access; Our Community,
Wellness courses, Pre-recorded energy sessions, Wellness content, Discounted one-on-one appointments for the whole family, Wellness tools, Nutritional recipes and info, Fitness info, Live events & More.


* In App Purchases Apply


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Wellness HUB

Access to wellness resources to aid with self care including healing tools, courses and information resources....various topics plus more topics will be introduced regularly.

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Guided Healing Sessions

Follow along energy sessions, physical sessions, frequency healing & more. More sessions are added every month.

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Nutrition & Fitness info    

Information for avid fitness and nutrition enthusiasts, holistic recipes & more.  More is being added all the time.

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Research & Community Resources

Legitimate research in various categories. And a community to connect with others. We are adding more all the time.

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Low In App Pricing

Monthly Subscriptions - $20/mo
Yearly  Subscriptions - $200/yr (Save two months Subscription fees)

And your whole family can use the in App Discounts.

In App Discounts!

All app subscribers get in app discounts on I Matter Wellness bookings, specials & packages.

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